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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 4

But this seemed different. This evil wizard, calling himself Black Art, seemed to come out of nowhere. A real nutsy with a sagbag of followers calling themselves The Axes, for their weapon of choice.

Suddenly there he was living at Grim Castle on Haverown Mountain with Deceiva Bronze deep in the Decanted Forest.

Next he crowns himself “Fairy Godfather For Life” and starts talking about marching into Smother Goose Landing.

Black Art and Deceiva Bronze



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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 2

It all started by reading in the Bench Press, that Queen Jean and Prince Overon were coming to Sea Czar City to open the new Source-R-Us at the site of the old Wadsworth building. That meant the last Wadsworth Five-A-Time left, was the one in Reclina.

I decided to go that Saturday. And it was there I first noticed the BeWitch recruitment booth right by the main entrance.

“That only fuels the fears of a second Witch War” I told myself.

What with the troubles in the Decanted Forest, that wasn’t good.

The Bench Press


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