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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary. Page 12

Deceiva Bronze ran into the forest and despite the largest witch hunt in the her- story of Gulp Island, has still never been found.

Deceiva”s sons were tried for war climes.

Black Art and Rabid Hatt were placed in solitary confoundment in Redlamb Prison for the rest of their unnatural lives.

Without a Cell Phone


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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 11

Kandu had been whisked, by broom, behind enemy lines.

There he joined the Seven Little Men resistance group and together they climbed the mountain and captured the sons of Haverown.

Deceiva Bronze’s boys were highly skilled weather casters, who with the aid of the Nibblelung Smoke Ring, were able to create cloud coverage for the advancing Storm-Loopers.

Without that cover, Black Art’s army was exposed to the Flying Heather Wrecks, fighter brooms, that could then sweep down from the sky and pick off their targets.

Kandu Saves The Day



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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 4

But this seemed different. This evil wizard, calling himself Black Art, seemed to come out of nowhere. A real nutsy with a sagbag of followers calling themselves The Axes, for their weapon of choice.

Suddenly there he was living at Grim Castle on Haverown Mountain with Deceiva Bronze deep in the Decanted Forest.

Next he crowns himself “Fairy Godfather For Life” and starts talking about marching into Smother Goose Landing.

Black Art and Deceiva Bronze



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