06 Jan

My preceptionist, Helen Wheels, has been steaming for a few months now and that morning her kettle hit the fan.

“Quit horsing around, boss”, she brayed when I came through the office door, “enough stalling!

You promised to tell me, if the Hidawhy people are the only ones who can leave the Bikini Triangle anytime they want, then how, seven years ago, did you and that German Shepherd, Fritz, make it all the way to Cuba?”

“Oh simmer down, Miss Teas.

What you probably don’t know is that my mother, Antik Dotes’ father was a full blood Hidawhy chef.

In fact Randy Jim, my grandfather on my daddy’s side and the little cook,  Nogga Hide, grew up just over the bridge from each other on the native preserve.

As kids, they played cowboys and engines together.

So that and the help I gave Nobull Savage during the Trick Or Treaty Affair allowed me to become a full Blood Other and a pass on the unseen barrier grief of the Triangle.”

“Well  that explains you, sort of”, Helen said, “but Nell’s Bells, it doesn’t explain how the Shepherd paid for his ticket to Havana!”

“Sheeply, I presume.”




Don’t forget to tune in next time for Vol. 8, “The Travels Of Sea Czar City”. where our intripid bumbler travels to Basketune Island in search of Winset Van Goth’s missing ear and spends midnight in Jackassic Park. You’ll go to the hanging of the Candyhouse Fiend, witness the kidnapping of the Prime Sinister, Magnet Carter, and watch The Good Knight leap from his radio adventures into the light of day. Its Kantzeem, the Truth Teller back from the dread and Randy James Hatrack reciting his boudoirs.


Anyone interested in a print of Baba Alley, just send a self addressed mailing tube to  Galaraw Gallery, Chinablock, Sea Czar City, Gulp Island, Bikini Triangle, somewhere in the Nonpacific Ocean.






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