08 Nov

It was only seven days ago, but it felt like a week, when I first set eyes on the looker at my feet.

I was tying up loose ends on a Frayday when Helen, my perceptionist, wheeled a much healthier version into the inner office.

She was introduced as a Miss Kim Bow.

Seems Miss Bow had moved to Sea Czar City on the Tides Of March and because she gave-in easily, got a job working the concession stand at the Fair To Midland.

She said she had a twin sister in town called Tattle Dale who worked as a teller at the Moola Grande Bank.

While there, it looks like Dale ran afoul of the old buzzard, bank president B.B. Wolf, in her capacity as a pinch hitter.

The upshot was that when someone left her cage open Tattle Dale flew the coot and vaulted over the safe with some samples.

“Dale loves her stollen on the Holly Daze”, said Kim “but that doesn’t make her a thief.

You’ve got to fine her before the law does.”

With twins it means your looking for a reflection and the best place to find one of those is in a pool.

Which is why I was in Max Moon’s Bilious Parlour the next day, looking to get snookered.




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