12 Jun

After words, I took Helen for lunch to Fine’s Kettle Of Fish.

Joey Pratt Falls brought us two bowls of McGuffin Red Herring soup, then Helen said: “Boss, so No Bull Savage claimed his people haven’t any boarders which is how he could send those bunch of Nasty Partiers off island….”


“So if the Hidawhy can come and go as they tease, does that have some clue as to how you and the German Shepherd, Fritz, got to Cuba several years ago?

Do you have some kind of a deal with the Hidawhy that gives you a pass?”

“Now Helen”, I said “that would be telling.”




And be sure to rush to the Nudestand for the next scandalous episode in the ongoing Shaggy Saga Of Sea Czar City.

In volume 7, Eve Angelica appeals (very much) to P.I. Hatrack to be her haughty guard.

You’ll be on hand and feet for Randy Jim’s divorce.

You’ll journey to the forgotten land of Amnesia and see the legend dairy of Moo, meet the Sacred Cow and its High Milkmaid, Meena, barely escape the attack of the Plod People and be home in time for an early election.

You’ll see John St. John, Gulp Island’s only illegal alien, and the nine wives of Omitt Cayenne.

You’ll fall under the spell of Baba Alley and go to The Fair To Midland and finally learn the secret of the German Shepherd Affair.

All this and so much less.


Remember kids,Gothic Comics still has back issues of “Cargo Cal And The Pilots” (featuring the return of Cal’s arch nemesis, Ape Lincoln) and “Army Aunts” (who go feeler to feeler with the Corkroaches of Wineland).



Just send a request for the issues you want to Sleet And Hale Publications, Sea Czar City, Gulp Island, Bikini Triangle, Somewhere In The Specific Ocean.





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