25 May

Stopped off at Foodfull Market and picked up a bag of Woodchips, barbecue flavour, a box of Ripper’s Instant Slashed Potatoes, a Birdsthigh frozen ontray, a package of Easy Mix Fellow “The Man’s Desert” but put back the bottle of Wild Murky.

Last time I had any of that stuff, I was banned from Hon’s Wine Dining, unless accompanied by an adult.

I settled for half a sack of Schmaltz, “The Beer Already One Too Many” and a fistful of El Logos.

Ran into Pete Skates.

He is working parts time at Lem Berger’s Worl Of Gigs, making Thingamajigs, Deelybops,  and Dohinkys.

The rest of the time, he spends as a plumber’s helper for Hells Bells Heating And Plumbing.

Says he always comes home smelling high, to Heaven, but the truth is, he hasn’t touched a drop.

He plans to fix up the old Odd-At-Sea place like a real homer.

He is in the process of buying the spread from Laurel Lie’s uncle, Ajax, who is off on another epic cleanup campaign, somewhere in the outback of Basketune.

At night Pete regales the family with tales of monkey men, turtle shell games and lobster rodeos.





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