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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 7

Many of us had high hopes for a new candy from Sweet Tooth Foods, by way of Reggie Farmer’s crop, called A Peace Mint. But in the end it was a flavour no one could swallow.

On May 1st, Pay Day, at 7a.m., a day that will forever live in infantry,the Java Jangle Morning Show was interrupted with the news that the Light Witches  and Black Art were faced off in warlock.

Lee Z. Gladstone joined up to drive for the Golden Compress Medical Unit



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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 6

General May Hem’s I-Want-You posters started appearing everywhere.

Swept Fields, outside Jokarama Harbour was turned into a training camp for an illeat team of hungry Broomadiers, under the direction of Grin Witch, who gave them a pretty mean time.

The Fiord Motor Plant in Queensville City was converted into a massive broom factory and Jockey Longlead, the centaur owner of the  Flying Horse Ranch, began to worry that his winged steeds would get pressed into millinery service.

Swept Fields


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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 5

One day I’m in Jim Crack’s Trick And Joke Shop and Jim tells me he use to work with the Fairy Godfather For Life. They were on the kid’s birthday party circus. He said in those days, Black Art was a simple dragon balloon maker and light hand illusionist.

It’s not a week later, I run into Jim and he tells me he’s been called up as a reserviceist,

He says he hopes to Nell, he can still fit into his old Kandu The Magician hunky suit.

Jim Crack's Joke And Trick Shop


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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 4

But this seemed different. This evil wizard, calling himself Black Art, seemed to come out of nowhere. A real nutsy with a sagbag of followers calling themselves The Axes, for their weapon of choice.

Suddenly there he was living at Grim Castle on Haverown Mountain with Deceiva Bronze deep in the Decanted Forest.

Next he crowns himself “Fairy Godfather For Life” and starts talking about marching into Smother Goose Landing.

Black Art and Deceiva Bronze



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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 3

There were still those, like my randy granddad, who remembered the First Witch War.

He was a young man in those ways and he said it was wild seeing all those witches in town wearing their fur low and looking for a good climb.

The Howl And The Pussycats


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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 2

It all started by reading in the Bench Press, that Queen Jean and Prince Overon were coming to Sea Czar City to open the new Source-R-Us at the site of the old Wadsworth building. That meant the last Wadsworth Five-A-Time left, was the one in Reclina.

I decided to go that Saturday. And it was there I first noticed the BeWitch recruitment booth right by the main entrance.

“That only fuels the fears of a second Witch War” I told myself.

What with the troubles in the Decanted Forest, that wasn’t good.

The Bench Press


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Sea Czar City: From Here To Infirmary, Page 1

I’ve decided to write about the war while it is still flesh in my memory. Though I had little to do with it, being a devote pass-the-fist. it was still the one declining moment of my life.

To Hatrack With Glove

I went to a lot of anti-war rallies in those days. I still have my photo of Holly Bridgeair in her “To Peace” bathing suit and the missing mitt I found for her which she later gave to  me. The inscription on the picture reads: “To Hatrack with glove, Holly”. I just recently had it enlarged to poster wise and hung upon my office wall.



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