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Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 36

It was quiet in the office, so Helen Wheels put down “Doctor, Take Me Intern”, one of Joyce Bitt’s Naughty Pine Novels, and started telling me about Sunday at the Church of the Immense Retention, when Reverend Mr. Amos Rant asked Shelly Shekel, B.B. Wolf the bank president’s secretary, if she was chaste and she said:”Only twice a week to give the boss exercise.”

“That Shelly” said Helen “she’s a hoot! She once told me that Wolf offered her safe sex but she said it was ok because it’s not his vault. She also said that he is so wealthy, he even launders his money.”




Pun Of sea Czar City, Page 35

There has been talk of a major Follyhood film being made about the Satanic directed by Coarsen Fells and starring our own Holly Bridgeair as The Unthinkable Mary Caster.

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You


Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 34

Doc Ben Dover told me he was taking a preamble to his morning constitutional with Lawyer Bury Goldbrick of Goldbrick, Goldbrick, and Mortar and they were discussing whether it was possible that Molly Coddle. returning from abroad after so many years, could have found the nearly drowned Mary Caster and that they knowingly switched personas. Goldbrick thinks that would fall under  the heading of Mistaken I-lentity.

Fateful Meeting


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Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 33

Yegg Coddle, conductor on the Sea C. Rail Line, says his great grandparents had some doubt that Molly Coddle was truly their long-lost daughter but, he says, they loved her as though she was until the day they died.

Conductor Yegg Coddle


Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 32

I had read Lord Water’s history of the sinking of the Satanic:”A Light To Remember” which is how I learned that, though for many years, people believed that sculpture heiress, Mary Caster, had gown down with the ship. there are those who believe she swam ashore and told people she was Molly Coddle, who eventually married Falcon Black, the Malt Teas importer.

Molly Coddle and Falcon Black


Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 31

Gil Trawler was sitting in the corner ┬ásinging the mermaid”s highway song:”Trout 66″.

Revelation X, Plott’s grave-digger, was trying to tell the guys, for the dumpteeth time, how he was the one who found Slabby the dead clown”s grave in complete disshovelment.

But most of the talk was about Captain Red Rudder readying a team to raise the Satantic, The World’s Smallest Luxury Liner.

It hit an iceberg and went down with all passengers and crew at the churn of the century.

Saturday Night At Hernando’s Hiveaway


Pun Of Sea Czar City, Page 30

When I walked through the door, there was Lee Z. Gladstone, the traveling salesman, regaling the guys with the story of how he use to rustle geese on the sly until the day he got goosed by the farmer’s daughter ( who was all thumbs) for taking a gander at her older sister.

According to Lee Z., the older daughter was all washed up at age eighteen though:”like the old saw says,’she was only a farmer’s daughter but still outstanding in her feel'”.

Taking A Gander



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